Friday, August 15, 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot- Primer [REVIEW/PHOTOS]

My MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot - Soft Ochre Shade
I hate when eyeshadow begins melting down your face midway through the day.  Being a MAC fan, I stopped by a store to ask about a product that can be used as a primer.  The employee directed me to the Longwear Paint Pot, though as I later read online, not everyone uses as an eye primer. Generally, MAC has good ethical principles with the making of their products.


This one is a doozy.  I threw away my receipt, but it was somewhere around $30 for this pot.  However, only a small amount of product is needed so I expect this to last a long time.


Like many MAC products, it is a transparent glass base, with a rather cheap and plasticky black lid.  It's a bit heavy and takes up unnecessary space in my makeup bag, but I always take it with me.

Application & Wear

I'm using the "Soft Ochre" shade, which has a yellow/warm tone to it- Good for many East Asian skins. There are other shades to match whatever skintone you have.

The texture of the primer is very thick, so it takes a bit more effort to smear on.  It blends in well with the skin though. Here, I've only used a small amount (fingertip amount) on my lids:

Smeared on Paint Pot base onto my eyelids.
Here is what the product looks like on my finger

Texture of the primer in natural lighting
As the base was designed for eye shadow, the thick texture of it isn't as suitable for eyeliner.  I'm pretty sure it helps prolong the wear, but as you can see, it goes on very tracky:

The primer is not smooth like many face primers, so you'll have to rub in your eyeliner otherwise you'll get tracks like this.
Here's the tracky liner I put above my eye crease.
 Eyeshadow, however, feels like a dream. It felt super smooth and not chalky/dusty. Here I put on a blue eye shadow to show you.

When I use the primer underneath eye make up, my eye shadow will last all day without it sliding down my skin or creasing. It's so fantastic that I will think twice about going out without it!  Would I buy this again? Yes, but only until a competitor with a more affordable price comes along.

Yay for eyeshadow!

What's your favourite eye primer that you've used? Comment Below <3 

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