Monday, March 17, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Interview with Zombie-Bit-Me, Cosplay Model (aka Shantel Knight)

Shantel signing at conventions.

Watch out, boys! Hailing from Ontario, Canada, cosplayer/model “Zombie Bit Me” (aka Shantel Knight) is working up a storm in the cosplay community!  Shantel has been featured in Next Level Magazine, as well as several conventions, InnerSPACE, and on the front page of Metro. Talented, beautiful, and empowered as a solo female artist and also my personal friend. I've only met a few others like her who are as hardworking and dedicated!

Q1.  What was the inspiration behind your pen name “Zombie Bit Me”?

A1: Vampy (Linda Le) she was my idol when I started, I remember chatting with her via twitter she was very inspirational! I was also obsessed with zombies.

Shantel posing for Comicverse Tees.

Q2: It’s clear that you’re an ambitious woman who knows how to run her own show! I know recently there’s been some talk about the “sexy” photos you have, and you defended yourself well.  Care to share your opinion on that?

A2: They were posted that it was coming and if they didn't like it that is their choice. The sex appeal was and is not to "sell out" it's because I'm getting older and sometimes I just really like to feel sexy. It is a personal choice that I stand by. "SEXY" is not as bad as people make it out to be. (:

Shantel as a playful Catwoman.

Q3: Star Trek or Star Wars?

A3: Star wars!!!

The answer is obvious :D

Q4: If you had to survive on an island and could pick ANY 3 characters from video games to team up with, who would they be?

A4: 1. Big Daddy, 2. Masterchief 3. Spyro (I just want a pet dragon)...

Q5: You’ve done so many costumes over the last few years. If you had to pick, which cosplay was your favourite, and why?

A5: My skyrim one because it was super comfy to wear and I felt like a complete bad ass in it. I am DRAGONBORN!!!

Shantel's Skyrim costume.

Q6:  Can you give us a sneak peak on future cosplays you’ll be doing soon?

A6: not a peek but I will give you a hint, she is a risque angel (;

Best crossplay of Deadpool.

Q7:  What’s your take on strong female characters in gaming/anime?  Any type of characters you wish existed?

A7: I love them, example Lara Croft. I kinda wish Ruby from Wet was real, she doesn't get enough recognition.

Source: ASPhotography. ca

Q8: Which game release(s) are you anticipating most right now?

A8: Too many... Titanfall, but as far as the least obvious less popular ones go, "Witch and the hundred Knight" looks awesome and well Halo 5 because I'm such a halo fan. But I don't own an xbox one yet T__T

Shantel's shoot with Dave from Lucky 73.

Q9: Finally, what’s your advice for other ladies who want to take up cosplaying/start their own business?  Any tips on girl power? J  

A9: It's mainly a lot of networking off and on the internet. I spend too many hours of the day either on the computer posting pics and messaging for jobs, or I will be creating my next pieces for either costume or photoshoot. Basically stay driven to reach your goals and don't give up!!!

Thanks Shantel for talking with us!

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  1. Movin' on UP! It's great to see that Shantel has been getting so much recognition lately.

    1. Ah yes, she's a wonderful human being to work with! :) So humble too.
      Was glad to feature her here.

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