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Asian Concerts Give You Homework [Teen Top in Toronto PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

Yes I'll get to the homework bit, but this concert was a huge milestone for Canadian Kpoppers, and lovers of international music. Yesterday on March 30, 2014, the 6-membered  group TEEN TOP made a stop at The Guvernment in Toronto. I wasn't even a huge Teen Top fan, but let me tell you this: It. Was. AWESOME!!! As the first official K-pop concert in Canada, this may mark the gateway to many more artists touring here in the future. This was a very big deal

NOTE:  We don't encourage obsessive fandom, or any form of fandom that MAY RESULT IN YOU HARMING YOURSELF. Please read THIS if you feel like you need help, or you can e-mail me at dragonsforangel (at) gmail.comThe "homework" piece is a Kpop tradition- Before concerts, groups often release "Fan Chants" that the audience can sing along to the songs interactively, while they're being performed. This usually involved shouting out the members' names in order, etc. My sister and I didn't have time to learn them all, so this is the one that we learned:

The sight was hilarious- probably 99% of the crowd was female. Fans (Teen Top "Angels") began lining up from daybreak, and the line stretched all the way around the buildings. My sister and I showed up at 4:30PM (show started at 7) and we broke out speakers to blast Kpop music while waiting- No surprised, everybody danced along! It was rather chilly, but nobody seemed to mind, since their beloved boy group was here!

The huge line up for Teen Top! 
Fans were literally waiting for 10+ hours to get in.
We're pretty sure that was the bus that Teen Top travelled here from. 
Finally around 6PM, the doors and merchandise table opened (where I picked up the gifts for my 2 giveaway winners!! ). We came prepared with purple lightsticks from the dollar store, because the official ones were $30.. Yikes! And is it just me, or did The Guvernment get a serious makeover? A bit off topic, but the last time I was there was back when it was called "Kool Haus" and it was literally just a warehouse room. Anyway, seriously looks amazing now with sparkling glass walls and decor. The stage was centered, and there was an elaborate giant screen behind it that is typical of Kpop concerts. Despite the no-camera policy, none of the security guards seemed to care that everybody was pulling out their phones and snapping shots. I wish I brought a nice camera.

So many fans! The "Teen Top" sign was displayed on the giant screen.
It was actually quite chilly indoors, so many people kept their jackets (and saved the $3 coat check!).  Angels are the friendliest and most polite fanbase I've ever met- Not once did I see security have to restrain somebody. The VIP tickets had the privilege of standing at the very front, which was sectioned off, but even with our GA $80 tickets, there was a lot of room to move around, and we eventually made our way into the middle row and had a clear view.

Probably the most heart-stopping moments were the 15 minutes before the show was about to start.
The crowd was wild beyond belief, and everybody was cheering for Teen Top to come out.

Credit to Jiel E Bean for the photo!
FINALLY, the lights went down and the intro video played (super epic music and introducing each member). Once they came on stage, it was like euphoria washed over each and every fan in the crowd. So much love, excitement, and happiness was written on everybody's faces.  Teen Top looked amazing, and as usual, Niels was all smiles while C.A.P just looked bored (haha!) The crowd was so energetic unlike anything I've ever seen before. Even the security guards had a look of disbelief on their faces, and were video-recording the audience's reaction!  Teen Top opened with their hit song "Rocking" and tore up the stage with free step and insane dance moves. They made FULL use of the stage, including dry ice smoke, giant clouds of confetti everywhere, and using the rising stages and balconies on the side.

So much beautiful confetti at Teen Top's concert! 
Over the next 2.5 hours, they played all of their hit songs (Including "Angel, "Miss Right", "To You") and danced throughout. A couple of times, they took breaks in which they talked to the audience about their favourite sighting in Toronto (Eaton Centre! CN Tower!), which songs were their favourite, and making cute aeygo faces at us!  Here's a VIDEO I took of them speaking English.. hard to hear because of the fans!

If my Facebook link isn't working, I put it on Youtube too:

As a SURPRISE, they also sang us a sample of some NEW ballads, which was a treat!  Teen Top also sang a few English songs as well: "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, "Marry You" by Bruno Mars, and "Good Tim" By Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City.  How sweet is that?

Teen Top changed outfits about 3-4 times. C.A.P (our bias) was totally rocking a curly-haired poodle look (LOL) and shades that he never took of.. Seriously, why did you not take them off? The first few costumes were hiphop/street clothes, but later they changed into all-white military-style suits. Finally, they changed into the official Teen Top tour tshirts! (My sister and I laughed at C.A.P and his half-assed attempt to get the shirt on.. Oh Cap.)

One of Teen Top's first outfit changes. CREDITS to Stella Egal for the photo!
CREDITS to Stella Egal for the photo!
Decked out in white! CREDITS to Stella Egal for the photo!
C.A.P's poodle hair! (Unsure of source, please email me if you know who made this)
So much energy and love from the boys, and many, MANY tears were shed from the ocean of fans. I ended up giving away a purple lightstick to a very enthusiastic fan next to me. I also heard that the meet-and-greet session was rather short, but Teen Top was very friendly towards everyone, despite the harassment they had to endure in San Jose.  While the official concert ended at 9:30PM, the hi-touch ticket holders were able to stay until 10:30PM to meet the boys.
Thanks to Jiel Bean for the photo!
C.A.P's solo rap. Thanks to Jiel Bean for the photo!
Niel pointed and smiled at many fans during the show. During the hi-touch meeting event, I know that Niel held one fan's hands, and told her not to cry anymore or else it would make him cry.. Teen Top also did say that Toronto was the city who wanted them most, so good job fans for raising enough money!

One of the Krowdpop staff asking fans to stop harassing Teen Top. Luckily, Canadian fans learned from this, and no incidents were reported from last night. 
Canadian fans are so stereo-typically polite, that when I accidentally hit the back of a girl's head with my camera, she began apologizing to me profusely! If you're reading this.. I'm sorry!

My sister and I at the show
Thank you so much to the fans who helped crowdfund this, and to KROWDPOP for hosting the event. In addition, I'm very proud of Toronto fans who maintained their dignity and respected the group. Remember that celebrities are just people, not Gods. Aside from deserving respect, it is also healthy for yourself to know your limits of fandom and idolizing celebrities- For your own sake. Obsession is unhealthy! This was a huge milestone for international K-pop enthusiasts and we're looking forward to MORE concerts. 

What do you think is next.. perhaps the power girl-ground 2NE1? :)  Let me know who you want to see next!

Thanks to Jiel Bean for the photo!

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