Monday, March 31, 2014

Asian Concerts Give You Homework [Teen Top in Toronto PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

Yes I'll get to the homework bit, but this concert was a huge milestone for Canadian Kpoppers, and lovers of international music. Yesterday on March 30, 2014, the 6-membered  group TEEN TOP made a stop at The Guvernment in Toronto. I wasn't even a huge Teen Top fan, but let me tell you this: It. Was. AWESOME!!! As the first official K-pop concert in Canada, this may mark the gateway to many more artists touring here in the future. This was a very big deal

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Safest Way to Bleach Dark Hair to Light Brown- Least Damaging [PHOTOS]

I often get asked about how I bleach and maintain my hair colour, and still maintain moisture and smoothness.  THIS IS THE ONLY POST YOU'LL EVER NEED TO READ.
This year my hair has been a very bright light brownish/blonde.  In general, I'd call it "Light Ash Honey Blonde".

There are so many tutorials out there. Bleaching your hair is one of the worst things you can do to it- You are literally stripping it down. Nothing you do will completely avoid damage. The chemicals are also terrible for both your system and the environment, and because of failed attempts some people will re-bleach their hair and make matters even worse.

I've discovered a way to lessen bleaching damage to something sooo minimal, that I don't do any extra post-colour treatments on my hair (except the occasional hair mask). YOU ONLY NEED 1 INGREDIENT. This method ALSO evens out colour tone, and even protects your skin from dye chemicals. Finally, this is as eco-friendly as colouring can get- Healthier hair means less need for additional colouring and hair products. The secret is...

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Secret to Moisturized Skin WITHOUT Putting Anything On Your Face

So I figured out how to survive winter WITHOUT my face falling off, and NOT ever applying moisturizer on my face. Sounds kind of too good to be true.

Didn't have enough time to find a royalty free face image without a watermark, so instead take this badly cropped photo of my face lol.

Monday, March 17, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Interview with Zombie-Bit-Me, Cosplay Model (aka Shantel Knight)

Shantel signing at conventions.

Watch out, boys! Hailing from Ontario, Canada, cosplayer/model “Zombie Bit Me” (aka Shantel Knight) is working up a storm in the cosplay community!  Shantel has been featured in Next Level Magazine, as well as several conventions, InnerSPACE, and on the front page of Metro. Talented, beautiful, and empowered as a solo female artist and also my personal friend. I've only met a few others like her who are as hardworking and dedicated!

Q1.  What was the inspiration behind your pen name “Zombie Bit Me”?

A1: Vampy (Linda Le) she was my idol when I started, I remember chatting with her via twitter she was very inspirational! I was also obsessed with zombies.

Shantel posing for Comicverse Tees.

Q2: It’s clear that you’re an ambitious woman who knows how to run her own show! I know recently there’s been some talk about the “sexy” photos you have, and you defended yourself well.  Care to share your opinion on that?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Teen Top LIMITED EDITION T-Shirt GIVEAWAY! [Toronto Concert Tour]

You probably already saw on the Facebook page, but I'm giving away the official tour shirts to TWO lucky and deserving fans!  To enter, all you have to do is Like, Share, & Comment why you deserve. One week left! HERE.

And no, I'm not being endorsed or paid to do this, it's my gift to the Toronto fan Angels.
BUTTT, I can tell you THIS...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cat Close-Ups Cheer Up Your Day [PHOTOS]

Baks is my boyfriend's 15-year old cat. He is half Siamese, and literally the sweetest thing :)  I snapped some beautiful pictures of him while he was resting. So cute! Enjoy the photos~